Our Services

Ready. Set. Go.

We take our services seriously and strive for excellence at Eagle Ambulance. We provide local, non-emergency medical transportation to and from doctor appointments, hospice, and other elderly transport. However, if you fall and want a ride to the Emergency Room and do not need an emergency vehicle, we are here for you.

Our teams provide safe, comfortable, professional, and pleasant “door through door” service. They will come to you, whether at home or in a facility. Our transporters are drug and alcohol-free, trained in patient sensitivity, safety, security processes and procedures, HIPAA, situation-response, and defensive driving. We keep each vehicle carefully maintained by cleaning an disinfecting each day, and detailing each week. We take excellent care of our fleet, so our fleet can take excellent care of you.

When you need a ride to an appointment or round trip from the hospital, let us handle the arrangements.

Outpatient Procedures

Transport from Outpatient Surgery

Patients coming out of surgery, who are immobile, or cannot tolerate a wheelchair, can ride safely and comfortably. Our crew will transport you from your location onto our gurney and into our vehicle. Then they will transfer you to the bed at your destination.

Our professionally trained crew transports safely and efficiently, so your family can focus on enjoying your company, not stressing about your safety. All gurneys come with a minimum of two team members. 

Nursing Home Transport

It's in the Details

We pick up patients from nursing homes and take them to their doctor’s appointments, rehab appointments, and outpatient procedures. We have experience with nursing homes and taking care of the paperwork and other arrangements, such as calling ahead to make sure our passenger is ready.

We provide a “door through door” service. This includes coming to your room and taking you to our vehicle. Your transportation team may have up to three crew members. After you are secured, we drive you to your destination, where your team will professionally disembark you from the vehicle, take you inside to your doctor’s office waiting room and get you checked in and settled.

We do our best not to keep you waiting. We guarantee pickup within 45 minutes of your call, but it is usually much less than that. After your appointment, your team will secure you in the vehicle and deliver you back to your facility, chair, or bed.

Elderly Transport Services

Dignity and Respect

80% of our patients are elderly. We understand they move a little slower and their hearing and vision may not be as sharp as it once was. Some people may take a little longer to understand, get ready, and move around. We take great care to make our elderly clients feel comfortable and secure. We don’t want anyone to feel rushed or stressed. Our transporters are patient and sensitive to the needs of our senior clients and treat them with dignity and respect.

Hospice Transportation Services

Excellence in Service

We pick up lots of patients for Hospice. Home Hospice or outpatient Hospice, we are equipped to get you there safely, comfortably, and on time. Whether you need a ride to Hospice from your home or medical facility, or leaving Hospice to move back to a rehab or nursing facility, we’re here for you.

We can accommodate your situation, needs, and preferences. Whether you walk with a walker or cane, or are immobilized, we can transport you safely and comfortably.

Ambulatory Transportation

Accomodating Service

We can transport passengers at any level of mobility, from 100% mobile or using a cane or walker to needing a gurney. Our vehicles have low floors and raised tops with ramps for easy entry and exit. So even if you’re only temporarily immobile, we can offer you transportation.

Our professionally trained crew will transport safely and efficiently, so your family can focus on enjoying your company and not stress about your safety. All gurneys come with a minimum of two team members.

Patient Transport

Transporation for All Ages

Most of our passengers are patients of some kind. Whether it’s a physical ailment, an age-related issue, or a temporary condition, most people needing non-emergency medical transportation are patients. We can transport patients of any age. However, if our client is under 18, we require an adult to ride with them.

If you are recovering from an injury or surgery and need gurney transportation, no problem. We have top-quality equipment, all maintained and cleaned for your safety and comfort.

Long-Term Treatments

Dialysis or Chemo

We give special rates for regular patient rides. If you have a regular treatment schedule, we will work with you to arrange regular transportation to your ongoing treatment, and you’ll get discounted regular-rider rates.

Depending on your needs and situation, your transport team will consist of up to three crew members. For example, every gurney transport team is at least 2 transporters. For larger individuals and bariatric patients, more transporters will attend your ride, to make sure you’re safely loaded and unloaded. Your safety, security, and comfort are our top priority.

Give us a call, Contact Us to discuss regular rider details for your ongoing treatment schedule.

Bariatric Treatment

Transport with Dignity and Respect

The larger the patient, the more crew members will attend the ride. We make it a point to have enough support to get you where you need to go safely and comfortably. We treat each passenger with dignity and respect, the way we would want our family members treated.